Jennifer and Bronx


Happy #DogMomMonday! This week, the DCDogMoms are introducing you to Jennifer and her "big lover baby" Bronx! Follow Jennifer @jenniferleeandras and be prepared to be amazed by her yoga skills, plus keep an eye out for those Bronx photobombs! But first, get to know more about these two below!

Jennifer, dog mom to Bronx (also answers to Bronxybaby, Handsome, and Freckle Face), an 8-year-old Greater Swiss Mountain dog brought home in September of 2009. 

Jennifer's favorite thing about Bronx: Bronx is 100 percent a momma's boy.  He follows me everywhere and loves to lay all 135 pounds of himself on me. He also sleeps like a human, head on a pillow and all. Totally normal, right?! Bronx is the absolute sweetest giant baby. His only goal in life is to shower us (and strangers!) with all the love he has.

Bronx's favorite thing about Jennifer: "I pretty much own my mom's soul. New bones, toys, and homemade dog treats daily are the norm. I love being spoiled and deserve it. My mom is the best because she shares her Sunday pizza treat with me. I've also trained her not to move when I'm sleeping on her. I need my beauty rest, after all!"

A perfect VA day: "I always start all my mornings with my special salmon food topped with apricots and pumpkin. Then I'd need a long walk on the Reston trails where I'd drink from every stream we passed. Hopefully we'd run into a few friends who'd want to play along the way! I love it when everyone stops to pet me, especially when I get good booty rubs. When we got home, I'd need a little nap. After that, when I knew my mom was going to practice yoga, I'd video bomb her. I always look right at the camera whenever I do because everyone knows I'm the real star."

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