Ria and Boozer


Time to meet another member of the DCDogMoms community! This week's #DogMomMonday is Ria and her sweet, goofy, and lovable gentle giant, Boozer! While you'll want to follow his adventures in DC on @boozersaintbernard, you can get to know a little about him and his mom right now!

Ria, dog mom to Boozer Maximus (also answers to Big Boy and Bubby Bubs), a 2-year-old Saint Bernard welcomed in 2015 from a breeder near Lake Erie in Waterford, Pennsylvania.

Ria's favorite thing about Boozer: I love it when Boozer comes running to us when we get home and 150 pounds of dog knocks us over, giving us hugs and slobbery kisses. He loves to cuddle, and it's like you're hugging a big teddy bear that hugs you back. He's very sweet and loves kids. He is especially protective of his baby hoo-sis. He will run over to check on her when she cries. When we were at a dog park with the baby and another dog kept jumping up and trying to lick the baby, Boozer sprung into action and pushed the dog away.

Boozer's favorite thing about Ria: "I love it when Momma cooks a hot meal for me! She makes the best dog-friendly chicken soup! I also love it when she gives me pieces of meat from her hooman meals. When I get lucky, she gives me a big chunk! Yum yum!"

A Perfect DC Day: "A perfect day would entail going out around @canalparkdc or @yardsparkdc and playing in the water fountains and then playing fetch with my mom. I always get stopped by random people who want to pet me and dog friends who want to play. I really enjoy this because I like to meet new people and dogs and socialize with everyone. Once we finished with that, she would treat me to @icecreamjubilee. This perfect day would be even more perfect if it snowed. I LOVE snow!"

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