Rachel and Koby


This week's #DogMomMonday is Rachel and her pup Koby! Koby and Rachel lived in DC, then moved to NYC, and just recently moved back to DC. Let's show them just how great the #dcdogmomscommunity is and give them a warm welcome back to DC! 

Rachel, dog mom to Koby (also goes by Kobes, Koby Baby, and Buddy), a 7-year-old black lab mix adopted from @humanerescue in 2010.

Rachel's favorite thing about Koby: Koby is the sweetest, most gentle, and loving dog! She has lived in eight apartments during her life, so she knows how to go with the flow and follow me through life's ups and downs. She is also a certified therapy dog and is excited to start putting smiles on patients' faces at DC area hospitals soon. Koby is super expressive and loves playing with other dogs and their owners. But be careful, because she will lean all 83 pounds of herself on you when you pet her! I may be biased, but Koby seriously is the best friend a girl could ask for!

Koby's favorite thing about Rachel: "My mom is my favorite human because she always gives me bites of her food under the table and lets me snuggle in bed with her in the morning. She also knows just what I need whenever I look at her with my big brown eyes (whether it be a treat, a toy to play with, or just a good belly rub). My favorite thing to do with Mom is going to @Petco...when she says that word, I can't control my excitement!"

A perfect DC day: Koby's perfect day would start early with a nice run in Rock Creek Park. We would then hop in the car and drive 45 minutes north to Annapolis, MD. We would spend the day walking down Main Street, which has so many dog-friendly spots! After grabbing some food at @pussersannapolis and watching the sailboats, we would drive back to DC just in time to meet up with our other #DCDogMoms friends to snuggle on the couch and watch this week's episode of @bachelorabc.

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