Lilly and Hazel


Struggling this Monday? We suggest a (virtual) trip to @lacolombe in #blagdenalley with this week's #DogMomMonday! Get to know Lilly and Hazel below!

Lilly, dog mom to Hazel, a 9-and-3/4-year-old puggle (but age ain't nothing but a number!) welcomed in 2007 after a bout of senioritis during finals @uconn led Lilly to fulfill her life dream of getting a dog • Lilly's favorite thing about Hazel: It's been said that over many years of being together, humans start to look like their pups...I feel blessed that even into her senior years, Hazel turns heads and captures hearts with her soulful puppy-dog eyes and the twists and turns of her curly tail. Oh, and she's just the sweetest.

Hazel's favorite thing about Lilly: "My mom is my best friend and knows me better than anyone! She always shares her snacks with me (and she always buys the cheese that I love...wait, I love ALL the cheeses!) and lets me snuggle with her under the covers every night. Plus she tells me how cute and smart I am all the time, and that makes me feel pretty darn good."

A Perfect DC Day: Our perfect day would include exploring our Logan Circle and nearby @shawmainstreets neighborhoods, where we'd stop and get some goodies for me @lacolombecoffee and then some for her @wagtimedc. Afterward, we'd be sure to meet up with some of her friends (whaddup @miles_smiles13) and then some of my friends (whaddup @dcdogmoms) at a dog-friendly patio where Hazel could enjoy some butt-rubs (her fave) while I enjoy some cold ones (my fave). 

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