Amy and Buster


Happy #DogMomMonday! This week's #dcdogmom is Amy from Columbia Heights. Keep reading to learn more about her and her sweet pup Buster!

Amy, dog mom to Buster (also answers to Two Chains and Sausage), a 2.5-year-old puggle welcomed in 2014 from a breeder in Pennsylvania

Amy’s favorite thing about Buster: My absolute favorite thing about Buster is his kissable, squishy face! I also love his endearing personality—he has a very sensitive soul. And his fly-hunting abilities are very handy to have around the house. • Buster’s favorite thing about Amy: “I love sharing snacks on the couch with mom. I take a bite, she takes a bite, then I take a bite...until it's all gone. I also constantly push my ball under the couch and then proceed to cry for it—but mom always fetches it for me!”

A Perfect DC Day: Buster likes to keep his schedule low-key, so we would stay close to home in our Columbia Heights neighborhood. We would take a few walks around the block to stretch our legs and say hello to all our neighbors—humans, dogs, and kitties alike. My fiancé Chris and I love to host parties, and Buster is an excellent co-host, so our day would absolutely have to wrap-up with a backyard barbecue with all our friends. Buster would show off his backyard to his #dcdogmoms friends while his "aunties" and I sip wine and cook burgers.

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