Haley and Henry


It's #dogmommonday AND tomorrow's a holiday?!#bestweekever! Get to know #dcdogmom Haley and her floppy BFF Henry below !

Haley, dog mom to Henry, roughly 3 or 4 years old, adopted in 2015 from M.A.M.A.S (Mary Ann Morris Animal Society) in South Carolina via @petfinder

Haley's favorite thing about Henry: His self-appointed profession as the Fun Police for all his dog friends, and his severe underbite.

Henry's favorite thing about Haley: "Mom writes songs about me constantly! She sings upbeat tunes to me all day about my bad behavior, my underbite, and my mop-like mane. It's quite a musical household!"

A Perfect DC Day: "Our perfect DC day would include water, because I love to swim! Mom and I would head to @boatinginDC under Key Bridge to rent a stand-up paddleboard or kayak for the day. I'd strap on my life vest (and Fun Police badge) and cruise around the Potomac with Mom, taking in the DC scenery and monuments. I'd sneak a dip in the river, for sure! Our perfect day would end with all of the#dcdogs and #dcdogmoms in one place while I ensure that everyone is playing nice from my perch atop the couch...and then dozing off."