Shannon and Ruby


We’ve been obsessed with @rubycubethebulldog and her mom Shannon since we met them at the @bipawtisanmarch. Read their #DogMomMonday bio below to learn more about Queen Ruby and her momma. 

Shannon, dog mom to Ruby, a 5-year-old bulldog adopted in 2016 from @fairfaxcountyanimalshelter.

Shannon’s favorite thing about Ruby: How loving she is. She's a complete sweetheart that not only wants to be loved, but is constantly showering you with cuddles, smiles, and kisses. I can't imagine how her previous owners could have abandoned such an amazing bundle of love.

Ruby’s favorite thing about Shannon: “I have her and her family wrapped around my paw. Whether it's an extra treat from Grandma, a longer walk, snuggles on the couch, or a trip to the beach, I can flash a grin or a sad pout and immediately get what I want. I reward them all with extra smiles and kisses.”

A Perfect DC Day: We would start the day off with coffee and a breakfast sandwich @junctionbakery’s outdoor tables before heading over to the dog park in Del Ray. Next we would wander around #KingStreet in @OldTowneAlexandria stopping at the #dogfriendly stores and exploring the gorgeous side streets and @CarlyleHouseVA gardens. In the evening, we'd head to Jones Point Park for a walk and to watch the sunset from the #JonesPointLighthouse steps. We'd end the night snuggling on the couch while watching a crime show on @Netflix. .

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