Caitlin and Chance


Need some more cuteness in your Instagram feed? We've got you covered. This #dogmommonday meet @caitmbrown and @chancethewhitehusky, a self-proclaimed lyrical genius. 

Caitlin, dog mom to Chancellor (Chance to his friends), a 1-year-old white husky rescued through @aarftn in 2016. Chance's breed was a mystery until Caitlin got a DNA test that showed he is a purebred white Siberian Husky.  

Caitlin's favorite thing about Chance: I love absolutely everything about Chance - how he's so curious yet bold; how he’s crazy yet loves to cuddle; the way that he leaps up and pounces, like a snow fox, onto toys and crickets and things; how he’s so intelligent and problem solves (he’ll bring me his water bowl if he’s thirsty, his leash if he wants to go out, etc.). While Chance may be incredibly stubborn and crazy, I’m relentlessly crazy about him.

Chance's favorite thing about Caitlin: "My human is almost as cool as me. She brings me with her to work almost everyday, which is pretty legit. because I get to ride in the car and stick my head out the window while jamming out to some PAWesome tunes (I’m kind of a lyrical genius). My mom also takes me for super long walks through the woods and around my hood everyday. I could really live without the short leash, though. Got husky stuffs to do, mom - not cool. When I’m hot, which is always, she turns the house into a freezer just for me. So despite all the annoying pictures and ridiculous bow ties, I guess it’s worth it." 

A Perfect DMV Day: A perfect day would be (a Saturday, for sure) one where I wake up next to my little teddy bear, go for a run with him on the trails in Reston, maybe stop by Frying Pan Park so Chance can attempt to play with all the farm animals, and then meet up with family or friends at Jackson’s  with Chance in tow (he likes all the attention and people food he gets there, too).

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