Daisy, 2008 - 2018

Daisy was my best friend in every way possible: she was my constant companion, my best listener, my source of laughter, my exercise partner, my snuggle buddy, and my wingman, helping me make new friends. She loved all food, but especially cheese. She liked to steal alcohol bottles from my recycling bin. She demanded long walks but if she got too hot, she would lie down and refuse to move until I carried her.

She liked visiting our local firehouse and scamming belly rubs from the firemen. If she didn’t want to go in a certain direction on a walk, she dug in her paws and pulled the opposite way—sometimes until her collar came off. Her preferred way of sleeping was under my covers with her butt pressed against me. In her prime, she could (and would) leap on to tables and counters to steal food.

She hated cats with a passion. She loved to hunt squirrels, birds, and rats and managed to catch and kill a few, which made me both horrified and proud. She hated baths and rain equally and did all she could to avoid both. She liked to jump on to the toilet and sometimes fell in, then got angry because it was like a surprise bath.

She loved kids and would sit very still while they pet her and cooed over her. Her favorite kid was my nephew Alex who adored her so much he barely left her side when she visited. She had an endearing habit of sucking—not chewing—the heads of her plush squeaky bird toys. She tried to walk on water twice and fell into two different pools. She frequently ran inside my neighbors’ apartment to demand belly rubs during their dinner. Her favorite things were food, walks, and naps. In short, she was the perfect dog for me.

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures of her—they capture some of her spirit, stubbornness, fierceness, and joy. I hope you all find the love of a good dog in your lives—there is truly nothing quite like it.

--Heather Vaughan

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