Chelsea and Macho

Chelsea and Macho.jpg

Happy #DogMomMonday! We're very excited to introduce you all to Chelsea and Macho! Macho is an alum of @dcluckydog, and earned his tough guy name by not being tough at all! When they first brought Macho home, he'd already been through a lot in his short, puppy life - he ended up in a shelter in rural South Carolina when he was about 6 months old and it was clear that someone had been mistreating him. After a long van ride up from SC the day before, his adoption day was his first time in a big city! All the city noises, people and traffic made him nervous - so they sang "Macho Man" to boost his confidence, and the name stuck! Macho has become a total extrovert - he loves every person, dog and snack that he meets and while he still doesn't have any machismo, this social butterfly is now a total city boy. You can catch him strutting his smile up and down 14th Street, where he always insists they stop into Logan Hardware to say hello and get a treat. On nice weekends he likes to hang outside of the P Street Blue Bottle while his parents drink their morning coffee, then walk up to Meridian Hill Park to say hello to everyone he sees. Give them a follow @machodaddydc and @cherrysavoy

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