Oneshia and Summer


We’re bringing you some sweet Summer vibes on this chilly #dogmommonday! Meet Oneshia and her pup Summer. Summer is a sweetie pie who has been through hell and back, but still has nothing but love to give. She was rescued from a family who had multiple dogs, but didn’t have the money to feed them. They would put one bowl of food out and let the dogs fight over it. Summer was timid, docile, and much smaller than the other dogs, so she never got much food. When Oneshia got her, Summer was nearly emaciated, but look at her now - a certified beauty with lots of booty! Summer is living the good life with her  now, sleeping late, playing at the dog park, and mothering any dog that’s smaller than she is! Follow her adventures at @summer.the.pitbull!

Heather VaughanComment