Emily and Theo


We have a smashing #Halloween -themed #dogmommondayfor you featuring Black Widow and the Hulk. When they aren’t saving the world, they’re better known as Emily and Theo. Theo is a 2 year old #beagle mix with unlimited energy—he never stops moving when he’s awake. To tire him out, Emily takes Theo for regular runs on the Mall. But even after going 6 miles with his mom, Theo is ready for more and runs laps around the yard like it’s his own personal racetrack. Thankfully, just like the Hulk, when he finally calms down he’s nothing but cuddles and sweetness. Follow Theo’s adventures @ruffrider26 and visit www.dcdogmoms.com to be featured on as one of the next #dcdogmoms!

Heather VaughanComment