Abnie and Oakley

Happy #DogMomMonday. Today not only are we excited to share this beautiful story of Abnie and her very sweet pup Oakley, but we’re also hoping for advice from anyone who has had a dog with severe allergies. Oakley got very sick a few months ago, and after months of trying to figure out what was wrong with him, they discovered he is allergic to all meat protein sources, veggies, grains, grass, dirt, trees, cats, and dust/dust mites. He was really suffering. They found a prescription food that his body can tolerate and allergy meds, and eventually he will need immunotherapy. Many of us can relate to the helpless feeling of our pet being sick and not knowing exactly how to make it better. But as much as Abnie and her family did to help Oakley, she is quick to point out how much he has done for her. Oakley was adopted from @operationpawsforhomes just over a year ago while Abnie was battling her own autoimmune disease. As she puts it, “I was broken and so was he and now we have each other to lean on. I am so thankful for that sweet guy, he helps me more than he will ever know.” Please comment below if you have any suggestions, advice, or uplifting words for @abniehunt and Oakley! Photo credit: @two_princes_photography

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