Tracie, Dana and Luke


If you don't follow the adventures of @dana_luke, get ready for some seriously adorable fluff! This #dogmommonday get to know #dcdogmoms Tracie, dog mom to Dana, a 10-year-old morkie, and Lukas, a 14-year-old grumpy pekapug. Tracie got Luke when he was 5 years old from Collar of Hope Rescue Organization in WA. Luke ran away too much for his previous owners, so they told the pound to keep him. He was two weeks away from being put down when he was rescued! Luke went to stay with his hooman grandma and her pup Dana while Tracie completed a two-year overseas assignment with the @usnavy. Dana and Luke got so attached that grandma allowed Dana to return home with Tracie and Luke! 

Tracie’s favorite thing about Luke & Dana: Their personalities are so unique. Luke is 14 but very spry for his age. If it weren’t for his missing teeth and shaky legs, he could pass for a puppy. And when I fake cry, he stops whatever he’s doing to come to my aid. Dana is loyal and very lovable. She loves nothing more than giving kisses and showing her love for others.

Luke’s favorite thing about Tracie: “My mama knows how to protect me from thunder storms and gives the best belly rubs. She also protects me from Dana when she gets a little too feisty (check out our page for some videos to know what I’m talking about).” Dana’s favorite thing about Tracie: “Mama gets me better than anyone else, and she knows how to make me comfortable. She never turns away my kisses and calls me her baby girl, which means I must be her favorite."

A Perfect DC Day: "We love taking walkies through our neighborhood by the Navy Yard @canalparkdc or @yardsparkdc and meeting strangers, getting pet, and sniffing all of the amazing scents. We love attending @nationals baseball games with all of our furfriends and taking turns hiding our faces from pictures (it’s such a fun game to play). We also love hollering at the big dogs in the neighborhood and making sure they know who’s boss. We haven’t been shopping yet aside from @unleashedbypetco, which we love, but we hear that mama is taking over the @wethedogsdc handle in a few weeks and plans on showing us some new sites!

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