Carly, Sophia and Izzy Bear


We want to reward you for making it through another #monday with the cutest #dogmommonday trio! Check out Carly's bio 📝 below to learn more about the face and paws behind @yorkieheaven. 

Carly, dog mom to the #yorkies of @yorkieheaven: Sophia (aka “The Queen”), age 4, and Izzy Bear (whose nicknames include Bitty, Itzy Bitzy, Pooh Bear, Pumpkin Girl, and Angel Girl), age 3. Both girls are from Largo, FL—the same town as their #DogDad!

Carly’s favorite things about Sophia and Izzy Bear: They literally think I’m their entire world, they don’t shed, and their poop is really small (together they weigh 14 pounds!) They’re also my therapists, Prozac, adventure-seeking buddies, and best friends all wrapped into one! Without them, I’d just be a crazy lady, but because of them, I’m a crazy dog lady! I’ve had yorkies since I was 11 years old, so I really don’t know life without them.

Sophia and Izzy Bear’s favorite thing about Carly: “Our Mom is great because she makes us doggie soufflé in the morning, gives us treats whenever we bark at her, and is a really warm body to snuggle with.”

A Perfect DC Day: Our best days in DC are spent “#urbanhiking.” Our favorite hike starts in Dupont Circle and then goes up the Spanish Steps to Mitchell Park and through the Kalorama neighborhood. The Kalorama neighborhood has huge sidewalks and lots of beautiful houses to explore! We're hoping one of these days we will run into @MichelleObama44 or @IvankaTrump, who both live in the neighborhood.

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