Charlotte and Penny


While we're sad the weekend is over, that means it's#dogmommonday, which lessens the sting just a little bit! We're introducing another one of the @dcdogmoms this week—meet Charlotte and her doghter Penny!

Charlotte, dog mom to Penny, 4, adopted in 2013 from Washington Animal Rescue League (now @humanerescue)

Charlotte's favorite thing about Penny: It's impossible to pick a favorite, but I love how much Penny genuinely loves my friends and family. I also love how worried she gets about me every time I sneeze, the little white stripey stripe down her nose, and the fact that she definitely enjoys all the songs I make up about her with zero judgment of my questionable rhyming schemes.

Penny's favorite thing about Charlotte: "She's really obsessed with me, but in a good way. And she makes sure to tell me I'm beautiful inside and out on a very regular basis, which of course makes me feel really good about myself, while the emphasis on inner beauty helps keep me grounded. Oh, and her amazing songwriting skills."

A perfect DC day: Life is all about balance, so we would want a healthy mix of hanging out at home and finding a fun outdoor activity. Penny is always up for an adventure, so we'd probably go to the National Arboretum, to Roosevelt Island, or kayaking in the Potomac. And now that it's finally outdoor dining season, we'd definitely meet up with our #dogmom friends for some dinner or drinks at one of the many#dogfriendly spots around DC!

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