Daizy and Minnow


Here’s a summery throwback for a chilly December #dogmommonday! Meet Minnow, a year and a half old dachshund, and her mom Daizy. You can follow them at @minnowthemini. Minnow may be small but she has a big personality! “When we got Minnow, she weighed only 3 pounds,” Daizy says. “After having her for a few days, we brought her to my parents house in Brookland to meet their 90 lb golden retriever, Daphne. Instantly, they became best friends! Minnow is the annoying little sister that Daphne never knew she wanted. Minnow loves climbing on Daphne ‪while she sleeps‬, and Daphne loves stealing every stick that Minnow finds and claiming it as her own. They make a pretty adorable and silly duo!” 

Heather VaughanComment