Rachel and Callie


Find yourself someone that looks at you the way that Callie looks at her dog mom! This #dogmomonday we have an Oscar-worthy actress for your viewing pleasure! Meet Caliente Wigglebottom Rodriguez (Callie to her friends) and her mom Rachel! 

Callie is a 2-year-old  english bulldog from Sugar Plum Bulldogs.

Rachel's favorite thing about Callie: I love Callie's infectious wiggle of excitement mixed with her Oscar winning performance as the most tired/hungry dog in the world.

Callie's favorite thing about Rachel: "I love that my mom lets me taste test everything she cooks and takes me nightly for a ladies walk after my human brother goes to bed."

A Perfect DC Day: A perfect day with Callie is spent outside with a forecast of 72 degrees and overcast - This allows for lots of running at Logan Circle followed by people watching and snacking on steak frites together at one of the many outdoor spots on 14th Street.