Un Je Ne Sais Quoi

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In case you're looking for a way to reward yourself for making it through another work week, we're bringing you the cutest lil' dessert shop in Dupont Circle this #dogfriendlyfriday. Beyond the nondescript exterior of French bakery Un Je Ne Sais Quoi (which translates to "An I Do Not Know What" per Amanda's minor in French...she thinks) hide the most mouthwatering pastries served by the nicest employees. Aptly titled "merveilleux" (meaning "marvelous" or "wonderful"), Un Je Ne Sais Quoi's signature meringue/ganache/whipped cream concoctions are as delicious as they are beautiful. And the first three on the list are gluten free! So grab your "chiens", snag one of their three outdoor tables, and order literally any "pâtisserie" off the menu to bring an instant "sourire"  to your face! Bon appétit! #dcdogmoms