How You Can Help Animals Affected by Hurricanes

As Hurricane Harvey winds down to a tropical storm, the full extent of the storm's destruction is not yet known. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes, and damages are being estimated in the tens of billions. While many families evacuated with their pets, rescue groups say there's no way to estimate how many animals have been affected until after the flood waters recede. For #DCDogMoms#DCDogDads, and #DCDogLovers looking to help shelter, feed, foster, or reunite families with displaced pets, we recommend considering the following organizations based on our evaluations of their websites, Better Business Bureau reviews, and Charity Navigator ratings:

The Houston SPCA has a track record of establishing emergency shelters and providing relief during natural disasters and is working with the @americanredcross to provide care for animals affected by #Harvey.

The SPCA of Texasis assisting local shelters to rehome animals in the path of the storm and setting up animal shelters in close proximity to human shelters so families in shelters that don't allow animals can visit their pets.

The Animal Defense League of Texas - OFFICIALis providing shelter and care for displaced pets.

 Austin Pets Alive! has taken in more than 300 pets in the path of Harvey—both from shelters and from families forced to surrender their pets.

Locally, Humane Rescue Alliance & Lucky Dog Animal Rescue are planning to take in displaced dogs and cats from Texas and encouraging DC residents to consider adopting and fostering in order to make room for our new neighbors! 

Heather Vaughan